Category: Shooting

Wrist Shot in Ice Hockey Demonstration

Wrist Shot

The wrist shot is a sweeping motion where the puck rolls of the blade from heel to toe. Keys to a good wrist shot include: start with good hockey...
Snap Shot in Ice Hockey Demonstration

Snap Shot

Snap shots are generally more effective than wrist shots becuase they are quicker and can catch goalies by surprise. Here are some key to a good...
Catch and Release Shot in Ice Hockey

Catch and Release Shot

Ben Eaves demonstrates a Catch and Release Shot. This shooting technique can catch a defenceman and goalie off guard because it can result in a...
Backhand Shot in Ice Hockey

Backhand Shot

Keys to the Backhand Shot lean onto strong side foot. spin the puck heel to toe. follow through towards the intended target.
One Timer Shots in Ice Hockey

One-Timer Shot

One Timer Coaching Points You must receive a pass that can be one-timed, typically somewhere between your legs. Strong top hand. Lower hand...
Strong Side One Timer Ice Hockey Shot

Strong Side One Timer

The key to a quality one timer on your strong side is your lower hand. It has to be firm and dig into the ice as the puuck arrives. It is more of a...
Shooting in Stride - Ice Hockey Skill

Shooting in Stride

Shooting in stride is a great skill for all players to add to their skill set. The exceptional goal scorers are typically very good at this. The...