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Basic stickhandling for youth hockey

Basic Stickhandling

Key Coaching Points: Strong top hand Loose bottom hand Roll both wrists when moving side to side
Forehand Only Puck Control - Ice Hockey Skill Development

Forehand Only Puck Control

Forehand only puck control allows you to have the puck in a position where you are ready to make a play. It requires you to move your body and hips...
Pushing the Puck Demonstration

Pushing the Puck

We use this skill when we want to carry the puck at top speed. Key Coaching Points Use top hand only (either forehand or backhand). Push the...
Single Shift Hockey Move Demonstration

Single Shift

The single shift is a simple move but players that do it well are extremely deceptive. Important Coaching Points Load to one side and explode to...
Exposing vs. Protecting the Puck

Exposing vs. Protecting the Puck

In this video Ben Eaves demonstrates the importance of protecting the puck vs. exposing it. Use your body, hips, and stick to surround and protect...
3 Puck Possession Positions

3 Puck Possession Positions

In the video above, Coach Eaves demonstrates the 3 Fundamental Puck Possession Positions. It is important for players and coaches to...