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Forehand Passing Demonstration in Ice Hockey

Forehand Passing

Key Coaching Points for Forehand Passing Spin the puck heel to tow off the stick blade. Pull with top hand. Push into ice with bottom hand and...
Ice Hockey Backhand Passing Demonstration

Backhand Passing

Important Coaching Points Spin the puck from heel to toe. Make sure to close the blade and follow through to target.
One Touch Pass in Ice Hockey

One Touch Pass

The one touch pass is key for higher level players as it requires knowing where you want to pass before you get the puck. Key Points for a One Touch...
Forehand Saucer Pass in Ice Hockey

Forehand Saucer Pass

Keys to the Forehand Saucer Pass Spin puck off blade from heel to toe. The more spin the flatter the pass will be. Lean heel of the blade into...
Backhand Saucer Pass in Ice Hockey

Backhand Saucer Pass

Keys to a Backhand Saucer Pass Spin puck heel to toe. Lean heel of blade into the ice to elevate the puck. The more spin the flatter the pass...
Receiving Puck in Skates

Receiving Puck in Skates

It is inevitable thoughout a corse of a game that you will get a pass in your skates. In this video, Ben Eaves discusses the proper technique to...