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Rondo Circle Keep Away
Deceptive Point Shooting Progression
Pass Through The Circle Game
Triangle Scoring Game
4 on 2 Power Play Game
Sticks In Lanes Game
5 v 3 to 5 v 4 Power Play Game
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Please Note: The Practice of the Week is usually designed to be utilized across multiple age levels. With that being said, we highly encourage you to adjust the drills based on your team's age and skill levels. These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced.

Practice Theme: The drills & games in this practice help teams work on power play passing & penalty kill principles.

Power Play Coaching Points:

  1. Keep head up: it is critically important to keep your head up and scan the ice to identify where open ice is, where the defenders are, and where your teammates are.
  2. Use deception: create space & openings by using your head, eyes, body or fakes to make the defenders think you are going one way with the puck. When they bite, go the other way.
  3. Move & get open: when you do not have the puck, jump to open ice so you are an outlet for your teammates. 
  4. Shoot quickly after a pass: increase scoring chances by shooting quickly after a pass, since the goalie and defenders will be out of position.

Penalty Kill Coaching Points:

  1. Keep head up: scan the ice to know where your teammates are, and where the opposing team is.
  2. Keep sticks on the ice: keep your sticks on the ice to block passing & shooting lanes.
  3. Be smart when chasing: work to protect the high percentage scoring areas inside the dots. Only chase when there is a good chance you can win the puck. 


Defense works on Deceptive Point Shooting Progression while the forwards play Keep Away or Pass Through The Circle Game in the Neutral Zone.

Forwards work on Pass Through the Circle Game while the defense is working on Deceptive Point Shooting Progression.

If you do not have access to the full center ice circle, you can:

  • Make a middle "circle" boundary with cones or tires in between the blue & red lines that the players work to pass through.
  • Or you can set up a 4 v 2 or 3 v 1 keep away game, where the offensive team tries to make as many passes as possible without getting the puck taken away.


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