Rondo Circle Keep Away

Rondo Circle Keep Away diagram

The Rondo Circle Keep Away from Coach Alyssa Gagliardi is a great activity that can be used as a passing warm-up, or as an activity to improve overall awareness and passing with your head up. Rondos are popular activities in soccer and can be modified in a variety of ways depending on the skill level and the number of players you have on the ice. Read below to learn about the setup, coaching points & variations.


  • Setup a group of 3 to 8 players around a circle.
  • Start with 1 defender in the middle. After a few reps, progress to 2 defenders in the middle. 
  • The goal is for the offensive players to keep possession, while the defender tries to take the puck. 
  • If the defender steals the puck, they become a passer, and the person they stole the puck from goes in the middle.
  • Count how many consecutive passes a team can get in a row. 
  • Encourage players to cheer if they get the puck through the defender's legs!

Coaching Points

  • Offensive players should keep their heads up to be aware of their teammates and the defender.
  • Offensive players can work on deception (looking one way and passing another way).
  • Defenders should keep their sticks on the ice at all times to block passing lanes.


  • Can play with as little as 3 people around the circle or as many as 8.
  • If players are skilled, you can require one touch passing, backhand passing, saucer passes, etc.
  • Can play in different areas of the ice, not just around a circle.
  • Can add 1 to 3 defenders.
  • If offensive players are struggling connecting passes, coaches can have the defenders turn their sticks upside down.
  • Can start a 2 on 1 if a pass is intercepted (view example).
  • Learn 15 Rondo Variations and the Benefits of Adding Rondos to Practice.

Supporting Fundamentals

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