6 vs. 3 Alley Game

6 vs. 3 Alley Game diagram

The 6 vs. 3 Valley Game from Coach Steve Wiedler is used as a power play & penalty kill drill that has many important concepts that players can work on.

Game Setup

  • 3 defenders in the "Alley" that work to disrupt passing
  • 6 Offensive players that are outside of the "Alley" that work to score a goal. The offensive players must pass the puck across the "Alley" at least once before they are allowed to shoot.

Defensive Coaching Concepts

  • Angling: eliminate time and space with your body and stick.
  • Disrupt Passing Lanes: identify passing lanes, close the lanes with your stick and when you are close, stick on puck!
  • Keep Puck On One Side: work to keep the puck on one side of the ice. 

Offensive Coaching Concepts

  • Head up: pay attention to where your teammates are and where the defenders are.
  • Use Deception: Look one way to get the defenders to move their stick and pass another way.
  • Get Open: if you do not have the puck, work to get open and out of a blocked lane.


  • Can set this up to be a 6 vs. 3 , 6 vs. 2 (view example), or a 4 vs. 2.
  • Can require players to pass over the "Alley" 1, 2 or 3 times before they shoot.

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