Back to Back 1 vs 1 with Mini Nets diagram

This is a really good battle drill where players work on puck protection in a tight space. This game was first posted on Twitter by Dave Breen (view video here).


  • Create a small space using borders and the wall as shown in the diagram. Place two mini nets back to back in the center of the playing area. The coach has the pucks between the two lines of players.

How to Play

  • The coach dumps a puck into the playing area and one player from each line competes for the puck. Players are allowed to score on either net. If a player scores the coach plays a puck into the playing area right away. Allow players to play for 30 - 40 seconds.


  • Can use 2 mini nets, 2 large nets, or even just one tire!
  • Only allow the players to score on a certain net.
  • Make the game 1v1 or 2v2.
  • Modify the playing area.
  • Add goalies.

Supporting Fundamentals

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