Half Ice Slalom Races

Half Ice Slalom Races

Add some competition to your practice with this drill while working on footspeed, agility, control turns, and scoring. If you have access to two nets then split your half of the ice into two equal sections as shown in the diagram. Line the nets up even with the face off dots and place one line on each side. The tires or cones should be set up as shown.

On the whistle players start by going to the outside of the first tire. At the last tire the players do a control turn all the way around the tire starting on the inside. The coach will  play a 50/50 puck towards the net and the players will compete for the puck the first player to touch the puck is on offense and the second player becomes the defender and backchecks against the player with the puck.


ssliva on 9/22/2023

You can just do this with 1 goalie, not 2

Scperkin@hotmail.com on 9/13/2019

Half ice slalom race

hhserve@gmail.com on 3/29/2019

Salmon race

nateelliott on 9/10/2018

good half ice warmup-battle

pduffus70@gmail.com on 9/4/2018

Overspeed conditioning

Pmfritz on 9/4/2018

Tryouts PW and Bantam

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