Corner Tires - Small Area Game
Corner Tires - Small Area Game

Corner Tires is a small area game where the players score by hitting the tire with a puck.

Set Up

Place four tires on a rectangle as shown in the diagram. Make sure there is enough room from the tires to the edge so that there is room to play on all sides of the tires. The coach has the pucks along the edge with the players split into two teams on each side.

How the game is played

The coach will dump a puck into play and two players will compete for the puck. The players will defend the tires on their side of the ice and try to score by hitting either tire on the opponent's side of the ice. After about 20-90 seconds the coach blows the whistle and dumps a new puck into play and two new players from each team play the new puck. Coach should keep the overall score so the teams are battling against each other. 

Coaching Points:

  • Encourage puck protection and keeping your head up
  • Move to open space when you do not have the puck so you can be an outlet for your teammate
  • Utalize verbal & non-verbal communication. 


  • Can be played 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3.
  • Can be setup in smaller or larger areas of the ice.

Credit: Diagram and animation produced using Hockey Coach Vision

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