Practice Notes


3 Speed Warm-Up Drill
Three Gates 1 vs 1 vs 1
Puck Protection - Surround Puck
Corner Boards 1 V 1 Loose Puck Battle
Quarter Ice Angle 1 vs 1
Whip One on One
Neutral Zone 3 vs. 3 Game
1 on 1 Tips for Defenders
Sidney Crosby Puck Protection Montage
Additional 1 on 1 Resources

Please Note: The Practice of the Week is designed to be utilized across multiple age levels.  With that being said, we highly encourage you to adjust the drills based on your team's age and skill levels.  These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced.

The drills and games in this practice are designed to help your players work on 1 on 1's in various situations.

3 Key Focus Points


  1. Head up - see where the open ice is and what the defenders position is
  2. Protect the puck - use your body and low center of gravity to keep the defender from the puck
  3. Use deception - use false information from your eyes, head, body, and feet to create space & separation from the defender


  1. Eyes - keep your eyes focused on the players chest, not the puck.
  2. Stick on the ice - use short stabs and not a sweeping motion to achieve stick on puck.
  3. Positioning - utilize good angles & gaps.

Practice Logistics

*make sure players get reps at both offense and defense

  1. One coach warms-up the goalies while the other coach warms-up the players with 3 Speed Warm-Up Drill
  2. Break into 4 stations
  3. Set up Whip 1 on 1 in both ends of the ice
  4. Finish With Neutral Zone 3 v 3 Game (if time permits)

Practice Diagram


A powerful video displaying how hard Sidney Crosby, works at protecting the puck. He uses his body, low center of gravity, and edge work to keep the puck from the defenders. To create space and separation from defenders he uses tight turns, deception and cutbacks.

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