Corner Boards 1 V 1 Loose Puck Battle

Corner Boards 1 V 1 Loose Puck Battle diagram

Corner Boards 1 V 1 Loose Puck Battle allows players & coaches to work on a very common play during the game, a loose puck battle along the boards. This is a competitive drill that can also progress to 2 V 2. 


  • On the whistle, 2 players battle in the corner for a loose puck.
  • Whoever gets the puck off of the boards first is on offense and tries to score a goal while the other player defends.
  • Defenders can knock the puck out of play or they can steal the puck, tag up at the goal line and then become an offensive player.


  • Can make the battle 1 V 1 and progress to 2 V 2. View 2 V 2 Tag Up Example.
  • Can allow the defending team to tag up at the goal line to become offense.

Coaching Points 

  • Defending players need to keep their sticks on the ice and play the body.
  • Offensive players should work to protect the puck with their body and utilize their edges to be strong on the puck and create space with tight turns. 

Supporting Fundamentals

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