2 vs 2 Corner Battle Tag Up

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The 2 vs. 2 Corner Battle Tag up is a competitive game that requires to players protect the puck and utilize their teammates in a small area. This game has one major item to remember, during a change of possession, the team that got the puck must tag up at the goal line before they can try to score. Below we will discuss the setup, coaching points & variations.


  • Place the net by the corner face-off dot and have it face the corner (as shown in the video & diagram).
  • Start the game by having a coach chip the puck into the corner while 2 players from each line jump into the playing area.
  • Both teams are trying to score a goal and if the defensive team gets the puck, they MUST tag up at the red line before they can shoot on net.
  • Have players that are not participating be on the lookout for loose pucks (they can push pucks back into the playing area) and be aware of shots.
  • Let players battle for 15 - 45 seconds before switching to next group.
  • Keep score so teams are more competitive! 

Coaching Points

  • Get low to be strong on your skates. 
  • Protect the puck with your body.
  • Communicate with your teammates.
  • Defenders need to keep sticks on the ice at all time.
  • Forwards without the puck need to jump to open space to be an outlet for their teammates.


  • This setup can be 1 v 1 or 2 v 2. View a 1 on 1 example.
  • Can move the net in other areas to give the players more or less space.

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