Whip One on One diagram

The focus of this drill is to contain the forwards from a tough situation.  The set up of this drill puts the defense at a dis-advantage.  Set up the drill as shown in the diagram.  The spacing of the players may need to be adjusted after you run a few reps so that defense are coming out of their transition equal with the forwards.  The forwards should have a good speed when they receive the puck and drive to the outside towards the near post.  The goal for the defense is to try and contain the forwards to the outside and not let the forwards have a good scoring chance.  If the defense gets beat they should learn how to open up and sprint to the post to try and cut off the forward before they get to the near post.

There are two slight variations.  One vaiation has the coach making a pass to the forward as they tranistion around the cone and attack the zone.  The other variation has the pucks setting our at the blue line and as the forward transitions and attacks the zone they pick up a puck near the blue line.

Supporting Fundamentals


CoachBob76 on 11/3/2018

exercice 4 on 9/15/2018

1 on 1

nateelliott on 9/6/2018

D footwork, gap, pivot, transition, cut near post off if beat wide

jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018

Whip 1 on 1 

kjr2006 on 7/16/2018

good f ond drill

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