Three Gates 1 vs 1 vs 1

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This game allows players to work on battling in tight areas, awareness, puck protection, and angling.

Set Up

Place 2 pairs of tires (gates) throughout the station. An example is shown in the diagram and animation. Divide the players into three different teams. The coach has the pucks in the middle of the ice at the blue line with the players lines up on both sides in their three groups.

How to Play

The coach will play a puck into the zone. One player from each team (total of three players) will go battle for the puck. The players are trying to carry the puck through one of the "gates" that are set up in the zone. Every time a player carries it through a "gate" they get one point. The players cannot carry it through the same gate two times in a row.

Coaching Points

When players have the puck encourage players them protect the puck and look for open ice. Deception is a good way to create open ice and opportunities to attack the "gates".  When they don't have the puck the two defenders can work together to force the puck carrier into the dead areas of the ice by using angles and stick postitions.

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