Practice Notes


Battle Day Practice Overview
3 Speed Warm-Up Drill
3 vs. 3 Handball Game
Gretzky 2 vs. 2 Game
Sticks In Lanes Game
Offensive Advantage Game
Griffs 2 V 2 Game
Poker 2 V 2 Game
3 v 3 Cross-Ice Scrimmage

Please Note: This U14 - U16 Battle Practice Example is designed to be utilized across multiple age levels. With that being said, we encourage you to adjust the drills & games based on your team's age and skill levels. These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced.

Practice Setup:

  • Divide up teams evenly (2 color jerseys)
  • Tally up the points scored in each game. The team with the most points at the end of a game is awarded 1 point.
  • Depending on the amount of ice-time you have, you can play 3 to 7 games.
  • Below we show examples of 7 games that can be used, with links to view 150+ other games.

Coaching Points:

  • Have fun! 
  • Encourage teammates to communicate, and cheer for each other throughout the practice!
  • Each drill and game will have different constraints that may work on different concepts & skills, let players know of the the concepts & skills they should focus on to be successful in each game. 
  • Coaches can view our 8 Hockey Habits webinar to get ideas on general habits that should be reinforced at every practice.

Practice Diagram

Full Ice


This is a warm-up activity. No points will be scored here.

Finish Battle Day with a 3 v 3 Cross-Ice Scrimmage. Encourage players on the blue line to keep the puck in the zone and to cheer for their teammates.

Coaches can award 2 points for specific skills the team is working on. For example - 2 points for a goal that is scored on a one timer. 1 point for a normal goal.


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