3 vs. 3 Handball Game diagram

The 3 vs. 3 Handball Game from Topher Scott of The Hockey Think Tank is a fun game that reinforces offensive principles. Teams will have to communicate and perform lots of give & go's to be successful. No sticks and no pucks. Use any type of ball: soccer ball, basketball, football or anything else (even an extra glove can work)!


  • 2 nets and two teams. 
  • Can only have the ball for 2 seconds (for younger teams or less skilled players you can increase that time). You must get rid of the ball quick (give & go!)
    • If a player has the ball for longer than 2 seconds, the coach blows the whistle and there is a change of possession.
  • If the ball falls to the ice, it is a change of possession.
  • 15 - 30 second shifts. Encourage players watching to cheer their teammates on.

Coaching Points:

  1. Give and go's!
  2. Support the ball by being an outlet for your teammate.
  3. Get open!


  • Can be 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.
  • Can be set up as a station or a half-ice game.
  • Can add goalies (even players as goalies).
  • Can let players hold on to the ball longer than 2 seconds.


lucasschmiedendorf on 3/4/2023

Love this one to break the ice with a new team or after a tough loss.

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