2 vs 2 Rebound Battle Drill diagram

Winning loose puck battles is a major deciding factor in the outcome of a game. This battle drill challenges players to compete for a loose puck after a rebound and have the awareness to pass the puck to their teammate at the point. After the loose puck battle is won, the player passes it back to their teammate at the point, which will begin a 2 vs 1. 


  • This can be setup to be a station, or a half ice drill. 
  • A coach or player dumps the puck on net and the goalie plays it to either corner.
  • 2 players are spread out and charge into the corner to compete for the puck. Whoever comes out with the puck must pass it to their point player to begin a 2 vs 1.
  • The drill is stopped after a goal, the goalie freezes it, or the puck is moved out of the zone.

Offensive Coaching Points:

  • Players who arrive at the puck first should work on deceptive fakes with their body to escape from the corner. Fakes with your hips and pointing your skates in the opposite direction are extremely effective in this situation.
  • Once you have the puck, protect it, get your head up and make a pass to the point.
  • The point should be active calling for the puck and moving to space.

Defending Coaching Points:

  • The defender should work on playing the body in the corner with stick on puck. 
  • When 2 vs. 1 begins, the defender should hold the middle and try to force a bad angle shot.
  • Have good stick position. Do not swing your stick as it will open up passing lanes and make you off balance.


  • You can allow the point player that does not receive the pass to jump into the play so it is a full 2 vs 2. 
  • You can have only one point player, which is demonstrated in the 2 vs 1 Rebound Battle.

Supporting Fundamentals

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