6 Pass Shooting Drill

This is a half ice hockey drill that is ideal when working with a few players. It is not great when you have lots of players becuase it results in a lot of standing around. There are six passes involved with each repetition before the shot. The drill includes a lot of good fundaments that include:

  • one-touch passing
  • pivots
  • handling the puck backwards
  • creating passing angles
  • receiving and shooting from high in the zone

Coaching Points:

  • Keep feet moving (even when you shoot)!
  • Give a target to receive a pass.
  • Work on one-touch passing.
  • The player in the corner should open up when making the "breakout pass." Don't just fire it straight up the boards.
  • Call for the puck!

Supporting Fundamentals


sperle on 10/16/2019

nice drill

Revelstoke on 8/31/2019
Peewee2 on 2/11/2019

Good drill

Gcrisostomo on 2/3/2019

Passing drill

NorthJerseyPhoenix on 12/5/2018


Dpavek on 11/10/2018

Fun drill!

metroeastinferno on 10/18/2018

Good Passing and Shooitng Drill

Dubemar on 10/18/2018
jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018


jeff.chapman on 8/21/2018


cspearsy on 8/20/2018

good half ice passing and shooting 

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