Two Shot Seal and Walk

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Set up this drill by placing a coach in the corner with pucks and a few cones as shown in the diagram. The players should be lined up on the blue lines on their forehand side. The drill starts when the coach plays a puck up the wall to the player on the blue line. The coach can play the puck high off the glass and force the players to knock the puck down with their hands, use hard rims, or play the puck off of the wall at angles to make it tough on the players. The players will then walk the puck along the blue line with their head up as though they are looking for a shooting lane. After the cone, they can take the first shot. After the shot they will skate forward and transition around the cones and look for a pass from the coach to make a one-time shot. To keep more players involved, you can have the player who just finished the drill step into the position of the coach so and they can be the passer. 


coaches on 11/2/2021

defensive hafl ice 

Peewee2 on 2/11/2019

Good drill

Ken Hicks on 12/17/2018


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