Half Ice (Full Length) Breakout Pass

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This drill set up allows you to have a three station practice and allow for the players to still stretch their legs the full length of the ice. The focus is on passing and opening up to receive a pass along the wall. The drill starts with Player #1 (P1) making a pass to the coach and skating towards the wall around the cone and opening up (facing the puck) to receive a pass back from the coach. After the player receives the puck back then they skat down the length of the ice for a shot on net. You can specify a couple of skills for players to use as they skat the length of the ice:

  • pushing the puck with one hand on the stick.
  • using cross-overs to gain speed and move laterally down the ice.

Progression: Add a Backchecker

Now player #1 will make the pass to the coach and follow the pass to the coach. Player #2 (P2) will skate to the wall and open up for a pass from the coach. P1 will go around the cone and backcehck against P2 all the way down the ice.

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