Double Regroup 2 on 1 diagram

The Double Regroup 2 on 1 is a drill that helps players practice the transition and timing of a regroup before fishing with a 2 on 1. This can also progress to allow the players to use their trailing defenseman so it is a 3 on 1 or you can set it up to be a Double Regroup 3 on 2.


  • Split up your forwards and defenceman and have them break up evenly into two groups at opposite blue lines (as shown in the diagram).
  • On the whistle, 2 forwards and 2 defencemen leave the blueline. One defenceman skates backward and the other will trail the group to be ready for a regroup.
  • The forwards regroup 2 times before fishing the drill with a 2 on 1. 
  • The second group on the opposite blue line begins on the coach's whistle or after the 2 on 1 passes them. 
  • This drill is continuous. Coaches should run this on both sides of the ice and also allow defencemen & forwards to get reps at both positions.

Coaching Points

  • Forwards:
    • Keep your stick on the ice to give your teammates a passing target.
    • DO NOT stare at the puck. When you are regrouping, practice looking up ice first before you receive a pass back. Practicing the habit of keeping your head up and looking up ice before you get a pass will be extremely beneficial during games because during a game a defenseman could easily step up on you in the neutral zone.
    • Practice appropriate timing & support during the regroup. Do not skate too far ahead so it is hard for your teammates to pass it to you and do not be on top of teammates so it is easy for the defenseman to defend you.
  • Defenseman:
    • Keep your sticks on the ice to be ready for a pass and to block passing lanes when you do not have the puck.
    • Work to stay in the middle of the forwards you are defending against.
    • Work to keep proper gap during the regroups and when you are defending against the forwards.


  • Can progress this to be a 3 on 1 or 3 on 2.
  • Can regroup 3 times instead of 2 times (View Topher Scott's 3 Regroup 3 vs 2 drill).
  • For higher skilled groups, coaches can require a certain number of passes during the regroups.
  • Can allow forwards and defencemen to switch positions to get reps at both sides.

Supporting Fundamentals

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