Continuous 2 on 2 to 4 on 2

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This drill from Coach Joel Beal is a Continuous 2 on 2 that has a slight modification that activates 2 defencemen after the initial 2 on 2 plays out, which will make the drill finish as 4 on 2 with a shot from the point. This modification creates a lot of opportunities for coaches to work on different skills & habits with their team.


  • Part 1 of Drill:
    • Start with 2 forwards at the far blue line (at the bench) and 2 defensemen on the blue line. All extra players on the bench.
    • On the whistle, the 2 forwards take a good breakout angle and receive a puck from the coach. The two defencemen start skating backward, which creates the 2 on 2.
    • This 2 on 2 plays out until the coach blows a second whistle.
  • Part 2 of Drill:
    • On the second whistle, 2 defencemen are activated from the bench (shown as D2 in the diagram) and receive a puck from the coach in the other zone. This creates a 4 on 2 and the defensemen at the point work to get a shot through so the forwards can tip it, or slam home a rebound.
    • On the third whistle, the 4 vs. 2 is over and 2 new forwards jump on the ice to start the Continuous 2 on 2 down the other way. The defensemen that were at the point now skate backward to defend the oncoming forwards. This drill is continuous.

Coaching Points

  • Forwards:
    • On the breakout, forwards should create a good angle to breakout and should be ready to support their teammate.
    • Forwards should try to create a 2 on 1 situation with one of the defencemen.
    • Do not turn the puck over at the blue line. If there are no options, the forwards can chip the puck into the zone and forecheck.
    • On the second part of the drill, forwards should work to get to the front of the net so they can tip a point shot or get a rebound.
  • Defencemen:
    • Keep the stick on the ice and maintain a good gap between the oncoming forwards.
    • On the second part of the drill, the defencemen should work on boxing out the forwards in front of the net so the goalie can clearly see the puck.


coaches on 11/8/2021

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