Neutral Zone Regroup Drill

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This drill involves 5 players and results in a 3 on 0 off of a neutral zone regroup.  The first regroup has the defense pass the puck right away to the strong side winger.  The winger then passes to the center who has mirrored the puck and the center then passes to the far side wing. The far side wing then attacks the zone, the center drives hard to the net, and the weak side winger becomes F3 in the high slot.  After the rush the coach blows the whistle and plays a new puck out into the defensive zone for the defense to retreive.  This time the defense pass to the other defense and then to the weak side wing.  This time the center and strong side wing will cross and the winger will receive the centering pass to start the rush. After the rush the coach will blow the again to initiate the third regroup. On this regroup the defense will pass the puck from defense to defense and then execute a hinge back to the defense in the middle.  Now the defense pass up to the same winger, the center and strong side wing will cross, and they attack the zone for a third time.


peterdaams on 12/17/2019

Regroup basic

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Regroup drill

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