Corner Cycle Continuous Give & Go

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This drill can be used for station based practices or half-ice situations. It can be used as one station, or as shown in this animation you can set up two of these drills at one end of the ice. The concepts of this drill include cycling, opening up, and shooting off the pass.

To start the drill place a net in the corner as shown. The coach should have the pucks straight out in front of the net with a single line of players. The drill starts when the coach plays a puck to the wall. Player #1 (P1) will retreive the puck while Player #2 (P2) follows behind and calls for the puck. P1 will cycle the puck to P2 and then to the front of the net. If they are on their off-hand they will need to open up to show their forehand. P2 will give P1 a pass who will receive and shoot the puck. P1 then follows their shot to the net and then goes to the back of the line. P2 will now retreive a new puck along the wall and do the samet thing that P1 just did. The next player in line will then become P2 and call for the cycle and give a pass to P1 in front of the net. The drill continues in this way until the next whistle.

Coaching Points

  • Communicate - Call for the puck on the cycle and on pass to front of the net.
  • Open up and shoot off the pass if you are on your off-hand.
  • If you are on your strong hand make sure your bottom hand is strong to shoot off the pass.
  • Make sure to bouce the puck off wall so it is easy for P2 to retreive.


moose3659 on 2/12/2019

Nice on 1/24/2019

I like this one for cycle

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