Practice Notes


One Touch Pass
- 3-5 min
Rondo Circle Passing Progression
- 6-8 min
Continuous Warm Up Skills Series #2
Gates of Buffalo Small Area Passing Game
- 8-10min
2 vs 2 Rebound Battle Drill
- 10-12 min
Gretzky 2 vs. 2 Game
- 10-12 min

Tactical Theme: Gaining Possession of the Puck & Creating/Looking for Puck Support

Technical: Passing & Receiving Passes, Puck Placement in Small Areas

This practice focuses on making and receiving passes in a variety of areas to gain and keep possession of the puck. This requires the player with the puck to locate and execute on their passing, and for players off the puck to work to get open and creating passing lanes. This practice emphasizes fundamental passing skills, game situations, and teamwork.

The main focus points are:

  • Offensively:
    • Pre-Scan -  encourage players to scan the ice before receiving the puck to locate options and anticipate openings
    • Puck Support - players off the puck must work hard to get open and be an option for the puck carrier
  • Defensively - emphasize defensive players taking away passing lanes and having stick on puck positioning

Practice Diagram

Full Ice


Have players partner up in groups of 2-4 players and work on one touch passing, both forehand and backhand. 

Length of Time: 
3-5 min

Keys are encouraging quick puck movement and always being ready to pass. Challenge players to ensure they're constantly scanning the cirlce to see opportnities and anticipate where the defense is going to be based on their stick and body positioning. 

Defensively, encourage the player to pressure the puck hard, forcing the passing players to make quick decisions. 

Length of Time: 
6-8 min

Create two teams and keep score.

Length of Time: 
Length of Time: 
10-12 min
Length of Time: 
10-12 min


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