Four Corners Possession Game
Four Corners Possession Game

This is a possession game with 4 players on each team that can be set up in any of the zones. The goals is to pass to your teammates in the "cones" to get points.


  • Mark out 4 squares as shown in the diagram. Each square will have a player from one of the teams and the player is not allowed to leave that square. The two other players from each team will play 2 vs 2.
  • Every time they make a pass to their teammate inside their square they will get a point. The pass must be received cleanly inside the square. A team can maintain possession for as long as they want and collect as many points as they want until the other team intercepts or takes the puck away.
  • A coach should be stationed just outside the zone with pucks. Anytime a puck goes outside the zone the puck will play a new puck into space so players can battle for a loose puck.
  • After 30-60 seconds the coach blows a whistle and the players that were in the game can rotate out of the playing area, or can switch with the players who are in the cones. 

Coaching Points:

  1. Head Up! Encourage players to play with their head up so they can look out for their teammate and other scoring options.
  2. Protect the Puck: Protect the puck before you have time & space to make a good pass.
  3. Communicate: Practice verbal and non-verbal communication with your teammates.


  • This can be played in different areas of the ice.
  • Coaches can add obstacles into the ice to force the players to pass around & over.
  • Can be set up to be 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 game.
  • Add a goalie! After a certain # of passes, or a point, a team can shoot on net.

Supporting Fundamentals


sbustad on 12/16/2019

Great small area game if you do not have goalies 

jbona on 1/5/2019


Coachclifford19 on 5/12/2018


shawnmce on 12/4/2016
joefeld on 10/21/2016
1/2 ice games

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