In this video, Coach Eaves demonstrates the 5 Part Lateral Blue Line Series with The Battery Hockey Academy. This series gives coaches and defenceman a simple but effective progression to help develop skills to walk the blue line. Being able to walk the blue line with their head-up will allow a defenceman to generate more offense by creating space and finding passing & shooting lanes!

Shooting Progression:

  1. Stationary Shot: Backhand to forehand shot.
  2. Backhand to lateral walk and forehand shot.
  3. Backhand to forehand fake to slap shot.
  4. Backhand to forehand fake to snap shot.
  5. Random puck placement by coach and a quick shot on net by player.

Coaching Points:

  • Head up! If a defenceman plays with their head up, lots of offense will be created.
  • Work on deception. Really sell the fakes with the eyes, body and stick. 
  • Use legs to explode laterally. 
  • Keep hands away from body when shooting so you can generate more force (pull back top hand and push bottom hand forward).


  • The coach can pass the puck to different sides of a player.
  • The player can work on different fakes or escapes.
  • Instead of taking a shot on net a coach can add a cone or a stick to hit to practice their passing.
  • Can add a goalie or a player in front to practice for tips.

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