Practice Notes


Pop Warm Up Drill
2x Shot from Point with Tip & Box Out
2v2 with Point Shot (box outs)
Sens Regroup
2 v 2 Bagger
4 Corner Possession Game - Offensive Advantage
Net Front Tips
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Please Note: The Practice of the Week is usually designed to be utilized across multiple age levels. With that being said, we highly encourage you to adjust the drills based on your team's age and skill levels. These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced.

Practice Theme: The drills in this practice are designed to help your players practice and develop net front tips, deflections and redirects for forwards and box-outs or fronting for defensemen.

Offensive Coaching Points:

  • Body Positioning: Have a wide base of support with your stick between your body so you can take contact from defensemen and keep your balance as well as tip with both your forehand and backhand
  • Give Yourself Space: Don't be too close to the goalie you want to be a few feet away so your tip/deflection has more movement
    • These drills are a great opportunity to work towards the shooter and work on high tips as well (high slot, not high shots)
  • Give a target for the shooter: position your stick and body to be in a good spot to make a tip/deflection

Defensive Coaching Points (boxing out):

  • Body Positioning: Get between the player you are covering and your goalie while making sure you aren't screening your goalie
  • Clear the shooting lane: Try to use your strength and body to move the player away from the shooting lane to give your goalie clear view of the puck
  • Awareness: be ready to clear rebounds after a shot is taken

Some coaches prefer fronting instead of boxing out, which creates quicker transitions and scoring opportunities going the other way.  Here is a breakdown of how you can use both depending on the variables at hand.

Fronting vs Boxing out


Make tips and/or deflections worth 2x goals

Make tips and/or deflections worth 2x goals


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