4 Corner Possession Game - Offensive Advantage

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The 4 Corner Possession Game (with Offensive Advantage) is a fun small area game that encourages players to use their teammates in the corners for support. The setup of this game allows for a lot of creativity.

Offensive players should focus on give & goes, using their point players, and net front presence to create tips, deflections, and react to rebounds. The defending team should focus on boxing out in front, keeping their sticks on the ice to block passing lanes, and react quickly to clear rebounds.


  • Two nets back to back in the center of the zone (as shown in the diagram)
  • 2 v 2 and each team has 2 extra support players in their offensive end
  • The support players must stay in their boundary (can be cones or tires)
  • Coach dumps puck in to start
  • Change players every 30 - 45 seconds - the 2 v 2 players can rotate to become support players, then rotate out
  • The defensive point players can only go d to d once then they must shoot or pass to a forward (they can not keep passing d to do over and over)
  • The defensive point players can only hold onto the puck for 3 seconds (or less).
  • Keep score!

Coaching Points

  • Goalies - be aware of the puck at all times, especially with the reversed nets! Practice following the puck when it is in the other zone and be aware of where all of the players are.
  • Defense - keep sticks on the ice, and use good angles to block passing lanes & opportunities. Box out the forwards in front of the net. React quickly to clear rebounds.
  • Forwards - use your support players and work on give & goes. Utilize the nets in the middle of the ice as areas you can hide behind and then jump to space. Use your point players and crash the net to create tips, deflections, and react quickly to rebounds.
  • Everyone - communicate! This is a fast pace game, so make sure to communicate with your teammates. 


  • Can set up to be 2 v 2 (as shown above) or 3 v 3
  • Can set up Defensive Advantage - see video here - (place the support players on the defensive side of their zone)
  • Can set up Cross-Ice Advantage (place one support player on the defensive side and one support player on the offensive side, but have them on the same side of the ice so they can make cross-ice passes)
  • Can set up Cross-Ice Advantage Mixed (place one support player on the defensive side and one support player on the offensive side, but place them on opposite corners of the ice so they can NOT make cross-ice passes)


hayles on 9/30/2023

** change to have corner players pass to whichever team gave them the pass

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