2 v 2 Bagger

2 v 2 Bagger


This small area game from Kendall Coyne Schofield requires a lot of decisions, thinking and working no matter which side of the puck you are on.  It is great for working hard to get to open space and utilizing your support players to create opportunities on offense.  The game reinforces all of the key themes that Kendall looks to get out of small area games including; moving, thinking, working, creativity, decision making and fun.  


  • 2 Nets should be set up on the goal line in an offensive zone in line with the face-off circles
  • Each team is designated a net for them to score on and another to defend
  • Teams consist of 2 active players and 2 stationary players
  • Players not participating can line up on the blue line and keep the puck in
  • The 2 active players per team can go anywhere in the zone
  • The 2 stationary players per team are lined up at the point and along the boards just above the hash mark
  • Coaches set up just outside of the blue line with pucks


Objective: Play a game up to a certain number team "X" vs team "O"

  • Coach dumps 1 puck in and the players play 2 v 2 in the zone to try to score on the opponents net
  • The active players can use their stationary support players who can either pass or shoot to score
  • The coach allows players to compete as long as he or she sees fit (usually 30-40 seconds)
  • Each goal counts towards the team total
  • When the whistle blows or a goal is scored, the active players leave the zone to rest, the stationary players become the active players and 2 new stationary players come in
  • Coach can throw in a new puck when:
    • The goalie covers the puck
    • The puck goes out of play
    • A goal is scored

Coaching Points

  1. Working hard to get open and find lanes
  2. Identifying and using outlets for support to relieve pressure
  3. Communication: practicing both verbal and non-verbal communication with your teammates

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