Horseshoe Re-Group One Goalie - #1 (D to D to Center)

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The first forward starts on the hash mark with a puck while F2 starts on the goal line and backchecks against all the way to the far blue line.  If F2 can catch F1 and poke check the puck away they can do that. F1 has to make sure they are not caught from behind by F2. F1 will take a shot, stop at the net, and then circle back out into the slot and hunt a rebound from F2's shot.

At the far blue line F2 stops backchecking and swings through the slot to get a pass from the coach. F2 will receive the pass and skate back towards the defense. The defense will activate once F2 receives the puck. F2 will make a pass to D1, D1 will make a pass to D2, D2 will make a pass back to F2 as they swing through the neutral zone. F2 will then attack the zone and take a shot on net with F1 hunting a rebound.

In the second variation the only thing that changes is the neutral zone transition. The defense will now hinge the puck back to the middle of the ice. So now F2 will make the pass to D1, D1 will make a pass to D2 as they get outside the dots, D2 will pass back to D1 in the middle of the ice, and then D1 will make a pass to F2 on the other side of the ice.

Comments on 11/10/2018

regroup drill with one goalie

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