Mirror Shoot Out

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This type of shootout maintains some sort of urgency in a breakaway situation.  It is also a great hockey drill for agility and quickness.  The drill can be set up in a half ice situation as shown above or in a full ice situation.  One offensive player and one defensive player start the drill facing each other about 2 stick lengths apart.  The offensive player is facing the coach and the defensive player has their back to the coach.  Two cones can be placed about 15 feet apart as a guide to how far the offensive player is allowed to shift back and forth.  On the whistle the offensive player shifts back and forth.  The defensive player tries to mirror their movement and stay in a good defensive position (relative to the coach).  The offensive player will call for the puck when they want the coach to pass the puck.  If a player scores they are allowed to return to the offensive line.  If they do not score they have to play defense on their next turn.

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