Finnish Skills Series

This is a great setup for a warm-up skills series that uses progressions appropriate for novice to elite skill levels. Ben Eaves demonstrates all 26 skills and progressions of this skills series he learned while playing professional hockey in Finland for 8 years. This progression involves 5 tires or cones that do not have to be moved at any time. To view the second part of this video, please click the Finnish Skills Series: Part 2

Here are the skills demonstrated in this video:

  • Inside edges with puck
  • Outside edges with puck
  • Tight control turns with puck protection
  • Pivots facing one direction
  • Pivots facing the opposite direction
  • Inside / outside pivoting
  • Mohawk turns
  • Forehand only puck control
  • Expansion of reach (long reach)
  • Single shift - fake left pull right
  • Single shift - fake right pull left
  • Backhand to forehand puck flip
  • Forehand puck flip
  • Push and pull puck
  • Backwards - forehand only puck control
  • Backwards - backhand only puck control
  • Backwards - underhandling and cradling puck
  • Between legs around tires
  • Scooting 360 degrees around tires
  • Tight turn Russian touch
  • Tight turn Russian touch - one hand off stick
  • Backwards to forwards pivoting figure eghts
  • Edgework stickhandle
  • Howie Hips (puck to the opposite side of tire)
  • Fake shot - forehand
  • Lateral pull around
  • Mohawk skating and puck protection

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