Finnish Skills Series Part #2

Ice Hockey skills progressions are extremely important for the development of young ice hockey players. They need to work on fundamental skills on a consistent basis to help improve their game. In this video, Ben Eaves demonstrates additional skills for the Finnish Skills Series. To view the first part of this skills series (skills 1 - 26), please click the Finnish Skills Series: Part 1.

Finnish Skills Series Part #2 contains the following skills:

  • Top hand only stickhandling
  • Tophand only long reach around the cone
  • Backwards top hand only long reach around the cone
  • Backwards inside edges around the cones
  • Backwards outside edges (short stride)
  • Backwards outside edges (long stride)
  • Hip slalom
  • Backwards hip slalom
  • Close Open Close
  • Attack position fake and push puck

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