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Strands Blue Line Herding
Chip and Chase Angle Checking Drill
Angle Regroup 2 vs. 1
USA 2 VS. 2 Drill
Neutral Zone Angle 2 V 2 to 3 V 2
Additional Angling Resources

Please Note: The Practice of the Week is usually designed to be utilized across multiple age levels. With that being said, we highly encourage you to adjust the drills based on your team's age and skill levels. These drills and practices can be modified to become more basic or more advanced.

Practice Theme: The drills in this practice are designed to help your players practice and develop angling habits.

Some habits to consider when teaching defensive angling:

  1. Take an angle that limits options for the attacking player and dictates their route (to the outside)
  2. Use your stick and body position to keep the player to the outside and not let them gain the middle of the ice
  3. Lead with your stick to take away passing lanes and to get your stick on the puck at the point of contact
  4. Follow through their hands to create turnovers and be ready to make the next play


Run this simultaneous out of both ends (4 players going at once) 

Video Example Here (drill is shown in first 20 seconds of video)


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