Neutral Zone Angle 2 V 2 to 3 V 2
Neutral Zone Angle 2 V 2 to 3 V 2

The Neutral Zone Angle 2 V 2 to 3 V 2 forces players to step up and make a play in the neutral zone! The drill is a valuable exercise to help defenders practice angling techniques in the neutral zone while offensive players can practice making plays instead of dumping the puck.


  • Goal: Forwards can not dump the puck and are trying to score. Defenders are trying to angle, make a play and stop the forwards before the blue line. 
  • Split up the team and at each blue line there will be a line of forwards and a line of defensemen.
  • On the whistle, 2 forwards and 2 defensemen skate out into the neutral zone. 
  • The forwards receive a pass from a coach and begin the 2 on 2.
  • Forwards try to score while the defense tries to create a turnover at the blueline.
  • Coaches should give players reps at both sides of the ice.
  • This drill is continuous and can progress to a 3 V 2.
  • Coaches can keep score by giving the defense a point if they take the puck away before the blue line and forwards get a point if they score a goal.

Coaching Points

  • Defense: 
    • Always keep the stick on the ice.
    • Try to match the speed of the players you are defending against.
    • Do not let them cut back in the middle of the ice.
    • Try to angle the players into the boards & go stick on stick to take the puck away.
  • Offense:
    • Try to create space between you and the defenders.
    • Cut back into center ice if they commit too far.
    • Communicate and use your partner as an outlet.
    • Create give & go situations!


  • Can make this drill 1 v 1, 2 v 2, or 3 v 3.
  • Coaches can change up where they are passing from.
  • Can make this a half ice drill if you do not have access to full ice (see half-ice setup below).


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Neutral zone angle 2v2

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