USA 2 VS. 2 Drill

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The USA 2 vs. 2 Drill from Coach Scott Moser is an excellent 2 on 2 drill that can be used at the college levels and youth hockey levels. It is a simple, yet highly competitive drill that can also be run out of both ends of the ice at the same time.


  • Alternate team colors at the points.
  • 2 defenders start just inside the blueline.
  • 2 forwards will start out with the puck (in the diagram they are Red X's). They must go through the center circle and they can pass to each other or keep the puck as they try to attack the 2 defenders and score a goal.
  • The 2 defenders work on defending while skating forwards by closing the gap and angling the forwards into the boards with their sticks on the ice. 
  • A 2 vs. 2 takes place in the zone, where the forwards try to score a goal, and the defenders work to pass the puck to the next forwards in line. 
  • When the defenders pass the puck to the next forwards in line, the original forwards (The Red X's) play defense, and the original defenders move to the back of the line.
  • The drill transitions to the next group with a breakout pass from the defenders, a goal from the forwards, or a whistle from the coach.
  • The drill is continuous!

Coaching Points:

  • Defense:
    • Communicate with your partner so you can close the gap quickly.
    • Defend skating forwards - angle the forwards to the boards with your body and a good stick on the ice (do not let them cut back into the middle of the ice).
    • Play through sticks and work to get the puck to the next players in line.
  • Offense:
    • Communicate with your partner.
    • Keep your head up to see where the open ice is.
    • After the play transitions work to get to the blue line to defend the next group in line.


coaches on 11/8/2021

battle drills

jrcanes on 6/28/2021

Great drill for half-ice practice.

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