Race to 2 vs. 2 Game

Race to 2 vs. 2 Small Area Game! A high energy game that requires speed, quick decisions and communication to be successful. Coach chips a puck in the zone and players race around cones to get the puck to begin the 2 vs. 2. Players can not go around the same cone. 

Game Rules:

  • A coach sets up 2 nets and 2 cones. 
  • Players line up on each side of the bluelines.
  • As soon as the coach chips the puck into the zone (it can and should be anywhere), both teams race around the cones to get to the puck. Goalies can not play the puck!
    • No cheating! IF the players jump the blueline before the puck is chipped, their team goes to the back of the line and the next team takes their place.
  • Players can't go around the same cone, they must communicate which cone they are going around with each other.
    • If a team goes around the same cone, the whistle is blown and the next race starts. 
  • When the players get the puck, the 2 vs. 2 begins!
  • The play goes until someone scores, the puck goes out of play, or the whistle is blown. This is a high energy game so coaches can blow the whistle between 15 and 45 seconds.

Coaching Points:

  • Communicate: Players should communicate to each other which cone they are heading to and also what they should do depending if they are on offense or defense.
  • Move to Space: If your team has the puck, be an outlet for your teammate.
  • Quick Start: A quick start will give your team a chance to be first to the puck!


  • This can be set up as a 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 as well. 
  • Puck placement: coaches should place the puck all over the ice so players are kept on their toes.
  • Cone placement: coaches can place the cones around other areas of the ice to make it shorter or further distance.
  • Can set this game up in a smaller size so quick decisions need to be made.

This diagram was drawn on IHS's Drawing Tool

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