Extended Chip & Chase

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Here is a variation of the Chip & Chase drill.  This variation extends the length of each repetition so players are skating quite a bit.  The element of competition in this drill pushes players to skate hard.  Each repetition also incorporates 3 shots so goalies are active as well.  In this diagram it only shows the drill out of one end but you can run it out of both ends at the same time.

The drill starts by player 1 skating a couple of strides out of the corner with the puck, transitions backwards, makes a pass to the next player in line, and then goes to the slot to receive a return pass.  Player 1 takes a quick shot after receiving the pass and stops at the net.  Then they skate around the dot, player 2 chips the puck off the wall from the goal line and then persues player 1 from behind.  Player 1 carries the puck around the far cone with player 2 chasing them from behind. If player 2 catches player 1 then they can knock the puck away.  Player 1 tries to gain the zone and take a shot from the top of the circles and follow the shot for a rebound.  Player 1 then stops and sprints out of the zone and times their drive to the net with Player 2's rush.  Once inside the blue line player 2 swings through the zone and receives a pass from player 3.  Player 2 carries the puck out throught the neutral zone around the cone and back into the zone.  They should take the puck wide and shoot from outside.  Player 1 is driving the net looking for a rebound. Both players should stop at the net.


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Back pressure

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