Bump Back

Bump Back

Set Up

This drill runs out of both ends at the same time.

  • Place four equal lines of forwards at the blue lines.
  • Opposite lines have pucks with coach as shown in diagram.
  • Place pucks at opposite corners.
  • Two lines of defense in opposite corners as shown in diagram.


  • On the whistle the coach dumps a puck behind the net.
  • D1 skates forward to the dot, transitions backwards, pivots, and retrieves the puck behind the net.
  • F1 skates down the wall into breakout position receives a pass from D1 and give a pass right back to D1.
  • D1 receives the puck back from F1 and makes a stretch pass to F2 in the neutral zone.
  • F2 takes a shot on net, stops for any rebound, and then skates to the corner to retrieve puck #2.
  • F2 carries puck up wall and makes a back door pass to F1 as they drive the net.
  • F1 stop in front after receiving pass from F2 and then goes to retreive puck #3 from the corner.
  • F1 makes a pass to D1 at the blue line and then goes to the net for a screen or tip.

Coaching Points

  • Defense work on good footwork on transitions and pivots.
  • Stay inside the dots for "Bump Back" from F1.
  • F2 needs to control speed and have good timing for stretch pass from D1.
  • F1 needs to have good net drive (stick on ice, strong bottom hand)
  • F1 needs to take away goalies eyes on D1's shot


Atomhawks on 10/22/2019

Practice 1

sperle on 10/14/2019

Break out

metroeastinferno on 3/23/2019


trent47 on 10/8/2018


OTHockey on 10/5/2018

Great tryout and flow drill on 2:30 days

mmatthews on 9/22/2018

Great drill, keeps players on their toes!


SCorbett on 9/19/2018

Breakout 3 shots

scottbanks on 8/31/2018

D bump back

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