32 Get Back

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The 32 Get Back drill from Jason Lammers practices tracking back to lift an opponents stick, regrouping, and attacking.


  • 2 defenders are at the blue line.
  • 3 forwards start at the goal line.
  • On the whistle, a forward carries the puck up the boards, while the 2 others track back to lift his stick, steal the puck, and pass it back to their defenseman to regroup and go down on a 3 v 0 rush.
  • On a second whistle, the coach throws another puck out to the neutral zone and all 5 players (the 2 defenders and 3 forwards) all track back to the neutral zone, to get the puck, regroup and attack 3 on 0 again.
  • Coaches can build up this drill to add in defenseman so the drill can practice 3 v 1 or 3 v 2 rushes.

Coaching Points

  • Players should track back and lift the stick and quickly get the puck to their defenders.
  • Players should keep their head up and regroup to give their defenders passing options
  • Forwards should work to get the puck to the center of the offensive zone before taking a shot


  • Coaches can add in defenders to play the rush. Therefore the rush can be 3 v 0 (as shown in the video) or 3 v 1, or 3 v 2.

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