Back to Back 3 vs 3

Back to Back 3 vs 3

This is a great small area game for working on net front battles from an offensive and defensive point of view.

Set Up

This game can be played in the offensive/defensive zone with two nets placed back to back in the middle. The coach has the pucks in the center of the ice at the blue line with each team lined up on each side of the coach.

How The Game Is Played

The coach will dump a puck into the zone. Three players from each team will jump into the play. One player from each team will be designated as the point player and they are positioned out in front of the opposing goalie. While they can go up and down the wall they cannot go closer than the hash marks on the outer edge of the circle. The other two players from each team can go anywhere. If the forward score without using the point player it is counted as 1 point, if a goal is scored as a result of a shot from the point player, screen, or tip then it counts as 2 points.

Coaching Points

  • Defensively in frontof the net make sure to block out and take care of sticks.
  • Offensively try to take space, get in front of the goalies eyes, and keep your stick available.
  • Point players need to keep shots low, look for stick blades, make sure you hit the net.

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