3 Player Figure 8 Passing diagram

The 3 Person Figure 8 Passing Drill from The Battery Hockey Academy is a simple passing exercise that is great for practicing one touch passing and important habits like keeping your stick on the ice and your head up. This drill can also be modified so a variety of skills can be practiced.


  • This can be set up as a small station, or a half-ice or full ice activity. The further the players are away from each other the more challenging it is because it requires longer passing and more skating. 
  • 3 Players are set up anywhere in the ice. The center player passes to the outside player and skates around them before passing to the 3rd player. After 15-30 seconds, or a set number of passes, players rotate.

Coaching Points:

  • Head up!
  • Communicate verbally and non-verbally (put your stick on the ice where you would like to receive the pass).
  • Hands away from the body so you can easily push with bottom hand and pull back with the top hand.


  • Passing: practice one-touch passes, normal forehand passing, backhand receiving (have stationary passers pass to the backhand), saucer passes. 
  • Skating: can skate forward or skate backward. 
  • Obstacles: can add objects or cones that players must skate, pass or protect the puck around.

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