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How do I upload and add my own drills to a practice?

Watch the video to learn how to upload your own drill diagram or a video from around the web and add it to your own practice plan.

Step #1: Upload Your Own Drill

In order to add your own drills to a practice plan you first need to have your drills uploaded to your account. To do this click the "Upload Drills" link from the "Create" tab.

How do I share practices with my team?

The first step is to create team access.  Every membership comes with the ability to create a team access account.  Once you have enabled team access you will see a button at the top of the page when viewing practices, drills, and systems.  When you toggle the button on then the practice will be visible within the team access account.  You can toggle the sharing of content on and off by simply clicking the "Share with Team" button.

How do I create and save a practice?

Creating a practice on can be extremely useful for youth hockey coaches who want to improve communication, save time, and be more prepared for practice.

How do I effectively search for hockey drills?

One of the best features with the new website is the new search functionality.  Please watch the video below to learn how to efectively search for type of drills related to your age level.

How do I save hockey drills?

We have over 550 hockey drills and drill lists provide an easy way for our members to organize them in their own way.  As you search and find drills that you like you can simply save the drill to any drill list with the click of the button.  It allows you to organize the drills so that you can find them easily when you want to share them with your team or save them to a practice.

How do I add drills to a drill list?

This feature is now referred to as "Save Drill". This feature is available to logged in members only. When you view a drill you can save the drill into one or more of the categories found near the bottom of the page. When clicked, these buttons will save the currently viewed drill to that list. You can view a video demo here.

How do I add drills to my practices?

There are three ways to add drills to your practice plan.

#1 - Add Drills from the Create Practice Form

When you are creating a practice you can click the "+ Add Drills" fieldset to open up the fields. In the drill name field start typing the name of the drill. As you start typing the options will appear and you can select the drill when you see it appear. The drills are pulled from the IHS hockey drill database or drills you have created on the website.