Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great new feature for associations. It allows you to create custom folders and add drills, systems, exercises, and practice plans into your folders. The content can be from the IHS database or content that you have created. Here are the steps to create and add content to your folders:

Create Custom Folder Demonstration Video Create a Folder

You must be logged in as the...

Log in as Director to the Association Account

To gain access to the parent survival guide you will first need to login as the director of your association account. Once you are logged in you can find a link named “Parent Survival Guide” under the “Share” tab.

Copy Parent Login Information

On the next page you will find the login url, username, and password that you can share...

When you sign up for an Organization account you have the ability to add a logo. When you do this the logo will be shown in the upper left corner of the website for you and any of the coaches you add to your organization. It can be a nice little feature that adds some of your own branding to the website for you and your coaches. Be sure to watch the video for a full demonstration. Here are the...

When you create content within your Organization account there are several ways in which you can share it with coaches within your Organization. For a detailed tutorial and demonstration be sure to watch the video on this page.

Share by Adding to Your Library

When you create a drill or system in your Organization account it is added to your Drill Library. Coaches within your...

Please watch this tutorial on how to create a drill within your Organization account. For the most part is is the exact same process as creating a drill within a normal coaches account. The only difference is that there are a lot more options for which you can categorize your drills. When you categorize drills in an Organization account they will get added to your Organization's Drill Library...

Adding coaches to your account is one of the first things you will want to do after signing up for an Organization Account.

Step #1

Click the "Manage Coaches" link under the "Organize" tab as shown below:

Step #2

Click the "Add Coach" button as shown below:

Step #3

Enter the username and email for the coach you wish to add. Be sure to enter in the...

Watch the video to learn how to upload your own drill diagram or a video from around the web and add it to your own practice plan.

Step #1: Upload Your Own Drill

In order to add your own drills to a practice plan you first need to have your drills uploaded to your account. To do this click the "Upload Drills" link from the "Create" tab.

After you have uploaded or...

The first step is to create team access.  Every membership comes with the ability to create a team access account.  The team access account is created by entering in a unique email address and password.  You may then pass this information on to your team.  You will then be able to share practices with the click of a button.  When you view a practice you or your...

Step #1: Click Add to Practice

From your dashboard you can find the "ADD PRACTICE" button under the Practices section. Click this and you will land on the form to add a practice.

Step #2 - Fill Out the Form Fields Practice Title

Give your practice a title that will be helpful to yourself and your team. Keep in mind that when you share this practice with your coaches and team they...

One of the best features with the new website is the new search functionality.  Please watch the video below to learn how to efectively search for type of drills related to your age level.

There are selected hockey drills on the website that can be viewed by non-members, however, in order to view all of the animated drills then you need one of our membership plans. We offer several types of membership plans:

  • monthly
  • semi-annual
  • annual

When you sign up with one of these plans you will have access to all of our content.

All of our drills include an animation, diagram, DrillDraw file download, and PDF download. To take advantage of all the tools you must have an active membership.

To cancel your membership you must be logged in to your account. Then you can follow the 3 easy steps to cancel your membership. After you cancel, your membership will be active until the expiration date. Be sure to click the "Read More" button below to view the 3 steps.

  1. Sign into your account and click "My Account" in the upper right corner.
  2. Then click the "Settings"...

Yes, you can sign up for one month. When you sign up you will want to choose the monthly option.

You can cancel it at anytime by clicking the "My Account" button in the upper right corner (while logged in) and then choosing "subscription".

When you click the "cancel" link your account will not be charged on the next billing date.  Your account will remain active until the...

No, your membership will still be active until your renewal date. After your renewal date your account will be blocked until you sign up again.

No, when you cancel your account you are simply canceling your subscription. Your account is not deleted and can be re-activated at any time by purchasing a new subscription. Your saved data will remain in your account. When you sign up again make sure to use the same email address.

Yes, we offer a couple of ways to do this. If you have more than one coach that would like their own account then please contact us about an organizational membership. We will typically offer a discount to coaches within the same organization.

The second method does not require an additional membership. Every member has the ability to create a “Team Login”. When logged in visit...

We do not offer software to animate your own drills yet, but you can draw your own drills for free. Click here to draw your own hockey drills for free.

Saving hockey drills allows you to organize content in to lists or categories in your own way. We have over 550 hockey drills so saving drills to these categories helps you organize them so you can find them easily without having to search the entire database.

The current catgories / lists include:

  • Favorites
  • Like
  • Practice Drills
  • 1 on 1...

This feature is now referred to as "Save Drill". This feature is available to logged in members only. When you view a drill you can save the drill into one or more of the categories found near the bottom of the page. When clicked, these buttons will save the currently viewed drill to that list. You can view a video demo here.

There are three ways to add drills to your practice plan.

#1 - Add Drills from the Create Practice Form

When you are creating a practice you can click the "+ Add Drills" fieldset to open up the fields. In the drill name field start typing the name of the drill. As you start typing the options will appear and you can select the drill when you see it appear. The drills are pulled from...

The first thing to do is check and make sure you are logged in and your membership is active.  If you are logged in as an active member and you are still not able to view the animations then try the next step, which is updating your browser. If you have signed up as an active member and you are still not able to view the animations then it may be a result of your internet browser.  ...