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How Do I Create Custom Folders?

This is a great new feature for associations. It allows you to create custom folders and add drills, systems, exercises, and practice plans into your folders. The content can be from the IHS database or content that you have created. Here are the steps to create and add content to your folders:

How do I Give Parents Access to the Parent Survival Guide?

Log in as Director to the Association Account

To gain access to the parent survival guide you will first need to login as the director of your association account. Once you are logged in you can find a link named “Parent Survival Guide” under the “Share” tab.

Click the Link from Menu

How Do I Add a Logo To Our Organization Account?

When you sign up for an Organization account you have the ability to add a logo. When you do this the logo will be shown in the upper left corner of the website for you and any of the coaches you add to your organization. It can be a nice little feature that adds some of your own branding to the website for you and your coaches. Be sure to watch the video for a full demonstration. Here are the steps to add your logo...

Step #1

Click "My Account" in the upper right corner and then select "Org Profile"

How Do I Share Content From Our Organization Account?

When you create content within your Organization account there are several ways in which you can share it with coaches within your Organization. For a detailed tutorial and demonstration be sure to watch the video on this page.

How to create drills in an Organization Account

Please watch this tutorial on how to create a drill within your Organization account. For the most part is is the exact same process as creating a drill within a normal coaches account. The only difference is that there are a lot more options for which you can categorize your drills. When you categorize drills in an Organization account they will get added to your Organization's Drill Library. Coaches within your Organization can then access the drills within this library.

How Do I Add Coaches to Our Organization Account?

Adding coaches to your account is one of the first things you will want to do after signing up for an Organization Account.

Step #1

Click the "Manage Coaches" link under the "Organize" tab as shown below:

Manage Coaches

Step #2

Click the "Add Coach" button as shown below: