Continuous 2 on 2 Tag Up

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Coach Jeff Hill shares the Continuous 2 on 2 Tag Up drill while he was at the University of Vermont. Jeff is currently coaching at SC Bern in Switzerland. The Continuous 2 on 2 Tag Up drill helps players and teams work on transition, breakouts, and forechecks. Its Continuous setup makes this a high-tempo drill where players will get a lot of reps. Below we discuss setup & coaching points.


  • To start, set up 4 forwards and 4 defenders on the ice. Follow the video & the diagram above to see where F1, F2, F3, F4 & D1, D2, D3, D4 start.
  • On the whistle, F1 & F2 cross each other and begin a full ice 2 on 2 against D1 & D2.
  • Once F1 & F2 cross the far blueline, a coach steps out to get ready to dump a second puck.
  • After the 2 on 2 is played out for a little bit (or a goal is scored, the goalie freezes the puck, or the defenders break up the play), the coach blows the whistle to simulate a turnover. F1, F2, D1, & D2 all start to transition back up ice towards the coach.
  • The coach dumps the puck down into the zone, which also activates F3, F4, D3 & D4. 
  • D1 & D2 now try to break the puck out to F3 & F4, while the F1 & F2 forecheck. 
  • Once the puck is broken out to F3 & F4, they go down the ice 2 on 2 against D3 & D4. F1, F2, D1, D2 go to the bench.
  • D5, D6 & F5 & F6 step on the ice and get ready to go down the ice. This drill is continuous.

Coaching Points

  • Communicate! All players need to communicate with their teammates.
  • Head-Up: All players should practice playing with their heads up so they can identify opportunities & threats. 
  • Transition: Players should transition hard up the center of their ice with their stick on the ice. 
  • Breakout: Defenders should use their partners on the breakout. Defenders should also practice deceptive retrievals to throw off the forecheck. View the video below to learn more about retrievals.

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