Simple Breakout - D to D to 1 on 1

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This progression requires two defense at each end.  They will do a simple "D to D" breakout and then pass to the center who will take on the defender from the other end in a 1 on 1 situation.

Keys for defenders:

  • re-take as much ice as possible to close the gap
  • work in tandem so that when the D to D pass is made the defender is facing up ice

Keys for forwards

  • Make sure to time the swing through the slot so they are receiving a horizontal pass and not a vertical pass coming through the slot.
  • Read the defender on zone entry and if the dender has a poor gap then use space after entering the zone and look to shoot through defender
  • If defender has good gap control then move feet and drive hard to the net protecting the puck.

Simple Breakout Series Progressions


CoachRogo on 1/28/2019


demarcs on 10/25/2018


Phil i on 8/27/2018

good d-d control 

joefeld on 9/27/2017
good breakout drill
Jdunstan47 on 9/25/2017
Good breakout drill

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