Simple Breakout - Control to 2 on 1

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This progression adds a forward so it results in a 2 on 1 situation. The breakout is a control breakout in which the defense recognizes they have time, sets up behind the net, and comes out in line with the forward. In a game situation the defense should try to suck in the first forechecker before making the pass. The first breakout forward, F1, will swing below the goal line and come up the wall. The second forward, F2, will go straight to the wall. Once F1 is coming up ice then F2 will swing into the middle lane and can be an outlet for the defense as well.


BantamAA on 10/13/2018
Gap control
klansard on 10/9/2018

sr aces

JBarnard on 9/19/2017

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