NEHDA Loop N Drive - 4 Part Progression diagram

NEHDA Loop N Drive from Rob Sedia of NewEdge Hockey is a 4 Part Progression that works on a variety of passing, shooting, timing & transition skills. 

Setup (Progression # 1)

  • Place one net flipped around at top of the slot (as pictured in the diagram)
  • Players line up inside the blue line, inside the face-off circles
  • On the whistle, player 2 starts to skate backwards and receives a pass from player 1. 
  • Player 2 skates around the net with their shoulders, heads, and eyes facing up ice so they can see the whole ice in front of them.
  • Player 2 makes a pass to player 3. Player 3 passes quickly to player 1 while player 2 touches the blue line and drives back into the zone.
  • Player 1 passes to player 2, who drives the net in the slot, then makes a weight shift move and fires a puck on net.


The coach can use this setup to work on different escapes, and shooting skills. The progressions shown in the video are listed below:

  1. Progression # 1: Loop & drive and perform a weight shift move around the net before shooting.
  2. Progression # 2: Grab the puck & go up ice quickly with a fake slap shot around the net.
  3. Progression # 3: Reverse up & pull the puck to change the shot angle around the net.
  4. Progression # 4: Fake reverse up & shoot the puck with heals towards the boards.

Coaching Points

  • Verbal & Non Verbal Communication: call for the puck and keep your stick on the ice to show your teammate where you want the puck.
  • Head Up: keep your head and eyes up so you can see the whole ice.
  • Skating: Get up and down the ice quickly! Being quick is a mindset.
  • Timing: For the player who is driving to the net, make sure to time your zone entry so you can get a pass back. Do not be too far ahead or behind the play.
  • Shooting:
    • Progression # 1 Weight Shift: Use deception to fake like you are going one way, then shift your weight to explode the other direction.
    • Progression # 2 Fake Slap Shot: Use deception to fake a slap shot, then push the puck out wide to change the angle and shoot around a defender & goalie.
    • Progression # 3 Change Shot Angle: Pull the puck inside to your skates to change the shot angle.
    • Progression # 4 Heals Towards The Boards: Create space from the net / defender by having your heals face the boards, which will pull you away from the center of the ice to create a shooting lane for you.


  • Add a goalie
  • Modify - coaches can use this setup to practice a variety of different escapes, and different shots on goal. Change it up based on your teams skill sets.
  • Coaches can add pressure at different points in the drill so players are forced to keep their head up.

Supporting Fundamentals

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